Drawing Music

An art & music series bringing different musicians together then enlisting visual artists to create original pieces inspired by the songs these new musical collaborations produce.


Art & Music

Breakfast PIC.jpg

“Breakfast of Champions”


“Out of Luck” Coming Soon!

“The Apartment” Coming Soon!

More Art & music on the way..



• • •

The Music

John Redmond
Mark Helfman
Chris Mele
Mike Ligocki
Doug Zambon
Kyle Burkett
Dan Rapatski
April Garcia
Marie Kim
Jay Stewart
Mackenzie Kai Redmond

The Art

Michelle Thibodeau 
John Jennison 
GHOSTBAT/John de Campos 

This project is dedicated to our friends, families, fellow artists & musicians.

Recorded at Cannon Found Soundation, Union City, NJ
Produced by Jesse Cannon & Mike Oettinger & J. Redmond
Engineered by Jesse Cannon & Mike Oettinger
Mixed and Mastered by Jesse Cannon All Songs written by J. Redmond except "Freedom" by Rage Against the Machine. 

Lovesick Bombs


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